About uPVC spraying

WTT Herts upvc spraying

 Whats is involved.

Our spraying is done at your property or onsite without removing the frames, glass or door frames.

There is no building work, plastering, rendering and most importantly there is no mess during and after our works.

Our main aim is that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum, our team is very particular with their preparation and masking to perfect the application of our unique specialist paint. 

We are always using the latest technology and skills to help get the job done, saving you and us time and money.

How long does it take?​

When we spray your frames our paint is touch dry between 30's & 3 minutes of application and cures within 24hrs*.

The time consuming part is the preparation, cleaning and masking which is the most important part.


Is it cost effective?


YES, spraying your frames is highly cost effective.

No more salesmen, no onsite surveys, no building work, no patch repairs or trims around windows and best of all you will pay a fraction of the cost compared to replacing them with new frames and glass, in most cases the saving is up to as much as 80% cheaper.

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When we say any colour we mean any colour! 

We can match colours with the existing parts of your property e.g aluminium Bifolds, Walls, Curtains, Blinds, GRP roofs. We can also match any British standard colours, RAL colours, Farrow & Ball colours, Dulux colours and now Little Greene colours.

All of the above are available in Satin & Gloss  our standard finish is Satin.   

Choosing the right colour can really bring your frames & home to life.

This is why we have a variety of samples and our own colour chart to choose from.

9005 house gt am.jpg
ral chart
f and b chart