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Cleaning the work area :


First of all, if we're working inside or outside the work area has to be cleaned, cleared and dust free (Cleaned by us).

If and when working inside all of the furniture needs to be moved or protected, this can be done by us or you.

The carpet or flooring is covered with our flooring protection.

When working outside we make sure all items & areas not being sprayed are protected and covered from over spray.


Degreasing and clean down :


We then move on to cleaning down the frames using our specialist cleaner designed to remove all contaminants we then de-grease ready for a light rub down.

The light rub down is required to help the adhesion of our 2 part specialist paint to ensure it bonds and cures.

Another wipe over is then required to remove any dust ready to move onto the masking.

(please note that when outside some debris floating in the air or carried by wind may land onto the surface).



When all areas are fully cleaned we then start to protect the walls, glass and any fixed items not being sprayed.

All the glass is taped and protected with plastic or paper sheeting using approved masking tapes used in the motor industries to prevent glue residue marks and bleeding.

The handles that are not being sprayed are taped or removed and kept in a safe place until needed.

Any surfaces that need protection are fully masked off, protecting them from over-spray and always protecting the walkways to the work area inside and out.

All internal openings are then masked to ensure over spray and vapors are not fully released.



Before starting the spraying we check over all the areas and ensure they are all masked, protected and free from dirt. We can now start with the colour mixing onsite.

We set up a mixing station, measuring cups and all our PPE.

We take a walk around to ensure all is in accordance to health & safety and that you and us are both protected, we will use a CDM plan if needed.

We then start to mix any thinners, hardeners & colours together.

Once the colour is mixed we double check that you are satisfied before application. (confirmation is sent via email before orders are made)

We apply a dust off coat and then start the spraying ensuring we check the standard and quality throughout each coat.



Our exclusive paint has bonded after 2 full coats and is touch dry between 30 seconds & 10 minutes

this will be weather dependant.

We then add our UV lacquer if added to quote to prevent any fading for up to 15 years.

We always allow extra drying time in certain temperature’s to ensure the paint has bonded correctly.

Once the spraying is complete our equipment and tools are cleaned down.

All of the windows & doors are then de-masked and any protection is cleared away.

The glass is then cleaned to leave the windows and doors looking brand new, this is optional*.

conservatory 8022 W agl.jpg


Our specialist bonding paint will bond with the uPVC profile when applied correctly using specialist spray equipment and is guaranteed to adhere to the frames for a minimum of 10 years.

It is extremely durable so it will not crack, peel or fade if correctly maintained and is extremely colour stable.


We will provide you with a guaranteed warranty of 10 -15 years, during which time the paint will not crack or peel.


Most importantly you can open and close all doors and windows once we are finished. 

conservatory 7016 clop.jpg

The finished product....

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